Agawa Canyon Railway Maple Leaf Tour 3 Days

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Day 1  Toronto TORONTO - Sabo Li SUDBURY - Susan Marie SAULT STE MARIE


Morning by the Toronto departure, take the luxury tour bus, via well-known Ontario Lakeview Holiday villas, go to Parry Sound. Cruise tour thirty islands, and stunning scenery of the Bay of George cloud. Cruise through Parry Sound Yacht Club, Rose Island, three miles lighthouse, north of the characteristics of the "180-degree rotation Bridge" and other scenic .... Afternoon, visit of a nickel mine in northern renowned Sudbury basin brake Barre City. Giant snow sculptures on granite led you into the center of the Big Dipper Science Museum. This Beidou Science Museum is marking the brake Barre basin within 500 million years of endless natural treasures, and milestones Canadian industrial development. Science museum exhibition inclusive are: evolution of mankind and nature, large whale fossils, geography, rock, plant species, as well as the protection of the natural ecology of humans. Subsequently, all the way flowers and lush, looked full of colorful, "Feng Jing," Lin Qiao plus rocks. Flashing lake, embraced each other, and the other that you revel in the original simple painting environment. Susan Mary arrived in town in the evening.

Day 2  Susan Marie SAULT STE MARIE- Yaga Sabo Li Hua Grand Canyon AGAWA CANYON- SUDBURY


After the morning, greet the dawn embarked on a romantic mystery Yaga Chinese Grand Canyon trip. Early morning train ride maple (tickets required in advance when booking) ups and downs along the winding mountain railway climb the slope, across the mountain. Take you into the hills, towering trees, craggy rocks of the Grand Canyon Yaga China. Crystal and clear views of the lake, dazzling maple leaves, make you believe that all eyes are Dreamscape! Boarded the gazebo, where you can watch the magnificent panorama of the Grand Canyon! Pick up a few hundred steps in the centuries-old national park visitors walk on trails, but also you Sigu arises spontaneously. Bridal Veil Falls, Black Bear Falls, the whole plunging waterfalls, dotted mountains, attractive!


Day 3  Sabo Li SUDBURY - Yagang Group Provincial Park ALGONQUIN PROVINCIAL PARK - Toronto TORONTO

Morning visit the famous shrine maple - Yagang Group Provincial Park. Every autumn leaves all over the mountain here, beautiful scenery, make you very drunk! Then visit the famous Ontario Bethune House, the evening arrived in Toronto, the end of a successful journey!