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Canada East Coast 3 Days

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Day 1 Toronto ~ Ottawa ~ Montreal


Morning departure from Toronto by luxury tour bus to the capital Ottawa, sculpture Dengfeng visit Capitol Hill, the beautiful scenery of the Ottawa River, stately stands the war memorial, majestic style peace clock tower, Athens embassy celebrity chic village and the focus of political power Prime Minister's Office, it's deep wells of times past Lido Grand Canal. Visit the extraordinary victory of the Canadian "multiple cultural centers," the development of the people of Canada a taste of history and culture. Then visit the world's three most important war art collection, one of the venues, "the Canadian War Museum." Arrived in Quebec in the evening a small French said the largest city - the city of Montreal (Montreal). Check local hotel. At night, enjoy the freedom of Montreal nightlife.

Day 2 Montreal ~ Quebec City


Morning, visit the most famous one of the largest in North America-wide, "St. Joseph's Cathedral," Zhuang Yan solemn, magnificent. Then go to the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, old-fashioned, rich Old Town, the stately City Hall, you can experience the French culture deeply rooted influence here. Visit the 1976 Olympic Games venues - Olympic World Games village, then boarded the world's tallest leaning tower "Olympic Leaning Tower", after visiting the Bio Dome, a gymnasium converted from the Earth's ecological flora and fauna from the museum, bringing together the world's rare birds and fauna , a rare life! In the afternoon, went to Quebec - Quebec City, the capital, to visit the ancient city of Quebec, this is North America's only walled city surrounded by ancient, is also inhabited by French people another place. The city is full of strong continental color, especially in the ancient city even more: the ancient fort, horse-drawn carriage, the ancient city wall, Square statue, art galleries, night bazaar busker performances even playing, palace-style street lamps, colorful French building ... ... etc., constitute a beautiful picture. Exposure to its European shopping street or French restaurant, enjoy French cuisine and wine at the same time, it will allow you to fully enjoy this "little Paris" romantic!

Day 3 Quebec City ~ 1000 Island ~ Kingston ~ Toronto


Dawns, go to Thousand Island tourist area, feel the "Kuril" three natural wonders of the Canada Customs and luxury sightseeing boat ride, (this program is not available for winter travel) and enjoy the unique scenery of this world famous archipelago, heart type Island billionaire castle, the shortest international bridge in the world, outside the mother Island. Followed by Canada and then to the ancient capital city of Kingston, the city's chic, very Kuril style, old buildings intertwined, distinctive. Parliament House, the oldest locomotive east-west, the Anglo-American military castles and forts to compete, the only Royal Military College of Canada, Canada's Queen's University, often among the best of, and the federal government under the male and female prison, the eighteenth century British gallows, Canada McDonald's first prime minister, former residence ... ... and so on. We arrived in Toronto at about dusk, end of a pleasant three-day classical tour Eastern Canada.


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