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Mont-Tremblant - Quebec Ancient Maple Leaf Tour 3-Day



Dawns, the Toronto departure, went to the Red River Valley mountainous province of Quebec. He drove into the hills "plus the bank is satisfied that" the park, you can feel the magic of the natural beauty of heaven! Maple stretches continuously just like a piece of red carpet connected to the horizon, shining green water, riverside villas, ancient villages, gave this picturesque scenery add realism. Later, then go along the winding mountain road bend there Mont Resort Oriental "Banff" reputation. You can while overlooking Lake towering mountains, while enjoying the lush green trees and colorful roadside wildflowers countless. Full of French style of Lakewood Village town, local French buildings are Beishanmianshui, colorful, unique! Beauty of the scenery, more comparable to Western Canada's "Banff" city. Each year attracts thousands of tourists come here to enjoy here is full of lively colorful French holiday. Time period, sunset, smoke transitory man, the reflection in the mirror-like lake inside, you can stroll through the stone streets, boutique gift shop for your favorites, or enjoy a drink in the open air cafe French cafe, make your flow ripple goers!




Early in the morning, you can stroll along the mountain side trails, breathe the fresh natural flavor, with views of the mountains arch protection, the Canadian east peak of one of the "immortal Camel Mountain Peaks" (3300 feet high), the Peak clouds floating around, such as virtual illusory, it makes you like being in fairyland! Pearl-like white water rafting in the mountains of "Love Lake" on, can enjoy the tranquility of nature, but also feel the intoxicating Autumn mountain views. Make you enjoy the color Banlan into the embrace of nature! You can also take the distinctive cranes, aerial view of Mont-Tremblant resort village of "Light Song tourists strolling area." Along the long history of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec to reach North America's oldest city. Here is North America's only walled city surrounded by ancient, is inhabited by French Canadians place, also it was the British and French colonial wars of contention powerhouse. Tour can stroll through the extraordinary style castle hotel, Artists Gallery Street, and visit the North to maintain the most perfect old city walls, Renaissance Quebec parliament building, graceful majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, and the British and French Megatron Quartet ancient battlefields, ancient forts, carriage, statue plaza, art galleries, ... the city is full of strong continental color. Its exposure to French fashion shopping street or enjoy French cuisine and French restaurant, while wine, will allow you to fully enjoy this ancient continental romance!




Early morning waving goodbye ancient customs, go Known as 'Little Paris of North America,' said the Montreal city. As ever witnessed fur trading center in the world left behind the glorious classical and luxurious, magnificent stately old European architecture ⋯⋯ subsequent tour of the old city staggered style, overlooking Mount Royal, listen ancient things, history reproduce, memorable . Car arrived in Toronto after dusk, all the activities of this point, the end of a pleasant vacation!