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Ocean Provinces 7-day Tour

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Day 1  Toronto - Kingston - Ottawa - Montreal

Morning departure from the Toronto and went to the rich history of Canada bears the ancient capital Kingston, the city is located in the St. Lawrence River, the old and new buildings side by side, the Old Capitol, now the Town Hall Square, the Old High Court, Sun Yat-sen McDonald House, the famous Queen's University, Kingston, Kingston prison for men and women. . We visited a column in Parade. After that, travel to Ottawa, Canada's capital to enjoy the scenery, you will see the majestic Capitol Hill, serious feel strong Muslim atmosphere. After its visit to the Canadian Museum of understanding of Canadian history and cultural development. Twilight will bring you to have the Little Paris of North America, known as Notre Dame in Montreal to visit Montreal, within the church Diaolan jade puzzle, magnificent, it is one of the most magnificent churches in North America, after dinner back to hotel.

Accommodation: Sandman Hotel or similar

Day 2  Montreal-New Brunswick-Fredicton

Go to Montreal pleasant morning proud of the world and the Olympic Village site of the Olympic Games to take pictures. Then across the St. Lawrence River tunnel, then headed to the east coast, go to New Brunswick. Along the way there will be vast St. Lawrence River and the St. Johns River companions. Across western NSW mountain woodlands, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent scenery along the way, one barbarian Canada's east coast. Such as steam ahead of the year to visit the Grand Falls dam in flood make you lament some. After a spectacular turn into the world's longest covered bridge Hartley. Dusk to enter the capital of New Brunswick Fredicton. The city has a long history, located in the St. John River. The provincial capitol, city hall gives you a solemn quaint New Brunswick capital. Night stay hotel in St. John's River, with beautiful views of the sunset sunset.

Accommodation: Delta Hotel or similar

Day 3  Fredicton-Peggy's Cove-Helifax

Leave in the morning and went to another Canadian province - Nova Scotia. Along the beautiful south coast to the picturesque fishing village of Peggy's Cove, a seaside fishing village Yashi embrace her unique style water six dual boat tour Halifax harbor Dingdingyouming seafood, you may also wish to a physical and mental development, visit the magnificent casino nightclub experience "flutter cheer," the fun, let your glance, reluctant to leave.

Accommodation: Shreaton Four Points Hotel or similar

Day 4  Halifax-Prince Edward Island-Charlottetown-Anne of Green Gables 

After leaving Halifax, with a car full of laughter, first went to the world's largest lobster like to visit, fabulous amazing. Then travel across thirteen km long Confederation Bridge into the Canadian provinces of most fans u "Prince Edward Island." This can be described as a paradise island, with an average of no more than 24 people per square kilometer, away from the bustle of urban do see idyllic scenery. Crimson land, blue sea, always beautiful, beautiful, beyond description. If not personally see it, this is difficult to believe that the world knew of views. Cavendish Provincial Park is located in Anne of Green Gables House for tourists will come to the place, where you can re-ten historical background of "Beauty Girl" story. The island's beautiful beaches, allowing you to experience the island fishing village life. Fitch cradle check that the federal free music town takes you back to declare the establishment of the federal parliament building. One night, visitors can taste the lobster dinner at the Prince Edward Island.

Accommodation: Linkletter Hotel or similar

Day 5  Prince Edward Island-Moncton-St. John

After breakfast drive into the New Brunswick, went to New Brunswick's second largest city - Moncton City. Here is the maritime provinces transportation hub for the Yucca Diaz human settlements. Upon arrival, drive to magnetic mountain guides will work with you to explore the wonders of the mountain where the magnetic force, the magic of natural phenomena to make your endless curiosity, subsequent visit to New Brunswick Provincial Park - Bay of Fundy, the inner Gulf the ebb and flow of the gap is the highest in the world. Cape Coast stone, apart from the big eye-opener, also had praise after the sea of constantly changing universe and creator of magic. Then go into the City by the Bay - Saint John. The city is the largest city in New South Wales, the British colonists first board six Canadian land. Watch the river back is another masterpiece Bay of Fundy tides, and another visit to the ancient city of St. John's tower to enjoy the view of the bay of St. John's.

Accommodation: Chateau Saint John or similar


Day 6  St. John-Quebec

Leave in the morning Saint John, New Brunswick along the St. Johns River through timber producer - Edmonton city. Dusk enter Old Québec; then a French colony, is also the oldest city in Canada, very European color. Visit include: history traces of Battery Park, delicate and refined old churches, Granville town square of a military fortress and ancient battlefield. North America maintained the most complete old city walls, a French-style castle square, Quebec provincial capitol. . Known as the "Empire of the river," the St. Lawrence River fascinating, old-fashioned discontented castle-style luxury hotel and then make you stop and difficult to move. Night travel was again and again to sit in the open-air bar, or take a horse-drawn carriage tour the city, enjoy the French romantic feelings, life and passion that never sleeps.
Hotel: A group: Palace Royal Hotel or similar
B group: Ambassadeur Hotel or similar

Day 7  Quebec City-Thousand Island-Toronto

Riding Morrowind, facing the sun, to North America One of the eight wonders of the "Kuril scenic", at their own expense to take a luxury cruise ship Kuril enjoy charming scenery. Little white sail on the St. Lawrence River, rippling, on all kinds of different islands vacation villas, amazed. Cruise roundabout shuttle to United States and Canada waters, see One Love Island and Canada shortest distance connection International Bridge, Tianshui blend, such as in Wonderland-like beauty, enjoy the nationwide famous resort. Then return with a car full of laughter Toronto, ending with the Canadian east coast scenery embrace up to seven days, studded memories One luggage. Experience life in the east coast of this green enough good taste.