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Spain, Portugal

Friday : Madrid – Zaragoza (320 km)

Our tour starts at the Spanish capital of Madrid, where we visit the Tbilisi Fountain, Columbus Memorial Plaza, the University and Grand Palace built by the Spanish Royal Family, showing the magnificent and splendid former empire and its historical grandeur; pay attention to the small square tiles placed on the pavement on the Puerta del Sol, they are typical of the area. In Puerta, we can shop for speciality leather goods, clothing and traditional Spanish souvenirs in Spain. In the afternoon we say farewell to Madrid and to leave for Barcelona, ​​with an overnight stay in Zaragoza.


Saturday : Zaragoza – Barcelona (300 km)

In the morning we drive directly to the Spanish coastal city of Barcelona. ​After arrival we will visit the warm and charming Barcelona Columbus Monument, followed by the Holy Family Church by the Spanish Master Artist, Gaudi. Gaudi’s unique colorful, fairy tale decoration is throughout the city and makes the place feel like a fantasy in the Artist’s mind. We visit the Olympic stadium where the 1992 Olympic Games have been held, overlooking the city views. The remaining time is spent in the bustling Plaza Catalonia, where we will have shopping and free time before we return to our hotel in Barcelona.

Sunday : Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante (525 km)

We leave Barcelona for Spain's third largest city, Valencia. Valencia’s history has celebrated as the gateway to the Mediterranean. It is commercial and culturally rich; with Moorish culture, Arab customs and foods all frequented in a cultural exchange.  The economic trade reform jumpstarted Valencia to enjoy the prosperity and glory that other cities did not achieve. Although today's Valencia is less prominent, still commerce through large exhibitions is still important to the city and trade fairs are held throughout the year. Upon arrival, we will tour the old city municipal Square, the old city gate and Valencia Cathedral, where an exact copy of the Holy Grail is on permanent display. We will retire in the white coast beach resort in Alicante for one nights' accommodation.

Monday: Alicante – Granada – Malaga (485 km)

This morning we depart for the city of Granada on the plateau of the Andalusia province. This historic city has been occupied by the Arab Dynasty rule in the Iberian Peninsula for the last of eight hundred years. It was not until the stronghold and 15th century King Fei Nandi successfully expelled the Arabs and created a unified Spain. We visit the ruins of civilization and culture, "Alhambra", also known as the Red Palace. Upon arrival, the Moorish legacy becomes apparent immediately. Generally referred to as the "golden age" of construction and delicate structure, the dome shape is both stunning and admirable. We proceed to the Sunny Coast area (Costa del Sol) and arrive in the largest city along the coast of Malaga.  This city is the birthplace of the famous Spanish Painter, Pablo Picasso. The Costa del Sol is also famous for its golden sandy beaches, secluded villas. We stay overnight in Malaga or neighboring area.(please kindly noted, due to limit access control and ticket sales in Alhambra palace & Genera life ,if you would like to take a visit, please kindly booking through website as below. PM.)

Tuesday: Malaga – Seville (210 km)

In the morning we go northbound to the soul of the city of Seville Andalusia region, this city was the capital of the Muslim dynasty, it is also considered to be the guardian angel of culture in Andalusia, the birthplace of the flamenco dance and has produced and inspired countless writers, poets and composers with its fiery temperament and charm. It is the setting to the "Carmen" Opera, this fourth largest city and hosted the World's Fair in 1992. Upon arrival, we visit the 16th century cathedral halls dedicated Royal Chapel, the burial place of the king's mausoleum for over a century; also the tomb of Christopher Columbus who discovered the New World as a credit to the great navigator. From there onwards we see the Alcazar Castle once a Muslim palace and the Spanish Royal Palace; this palace was built in 1987 and is currently included by the United Nations as a world cultural heritage site. Then we walk through the Santa Croce gold tower and Mary Luisa Park, here the 1992 World Expo is located. In the Spain Square we can admire a crafted porcelain painting, detailing the history and elegance of old Spain. We have one night’s accommodation in Seville. (Optional: under the circumstances and time permitting, tour guide will add the optional excursion to Mijas.)

Wednesday : Seville – Lisbon (460 km)

In the morning we depart for Portuguese Lisbon, and are expected to arrive in the afternoon. Lisbon, the most western point of continental Europe displays the voluminous Atlantic surrounded by endless scenery. Don’t forget to buy the remembrance certificate to prove once footstep on the west point as it will be a memorable souvenir to keep. Lisbon is Portugal’s symbol to its adventurous and pioneering past, crossing the seas in discovery of the new world. Those interested can sample authentic Portuguese custard tarts at the century-old bakery, and decide whether they are as good as in Macao. We stay overnight in Lisbon. (Optional: We can attend a Fado- music concert. ‘Fado’ is Portugal’s traditional folk music. Hailed as the Portugal national treasure this is an evening of singing and drinking –we can book tickets in advance.)

Thursday : Lisbon – Toledo – Madrid (675 km)

We drive back to Madrid via Toledo via Tagus River and catch a breath taking landscape of Spain and its rich palette of colors in natural surroundings and arrive in Madrid (ETA. 8PM).

(The above itinerary is a text description in nature which is only for reference. As long as the discrepancies do not constitute a controversy between the description and reality, the Company and the tour guide shall have the right, depending on the actual situation, to make appropriate arrangements and changes.)

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